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Trying out the Cheeseboard:Cheddar

Posted by Matthew Little on

I wanted to do a quick post about getting going with our Cheeseboard - Cheddar. I decided to do a video for this. Please enjoy!


CheeseBoard Examples Overview from Matt on Vimeo.

I'm not a great embedded software person, as my background is electronics and electrical engineering. The software for the Cheeseboard has been developed by Matthew Gates and it is all open source. I wanted something that is quick to get going but also more powerful than the Arduino.

You can pick on up here on our webshop for £35, with free delivery in the UK.

Please follow the guidance about the software examples here:

I was using a windows 7 machine with the latest version of the Arduino IDE (1.8.2).

Compilation time was in the region of 30 seconds to two mins, but I've sped it up in the video as it's pretty boring.

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