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Building a solar garden light

Posted by Matthew Little on

This blog post covers my prototyping of a simple solar garden light. I wanted to make a simple kit to convert a jam jar into a solar powered garden light. These kind of lights are readily available, but they usually contain a nickel-metal-hydride (Ni-MH) battery (usually a 1.2V AAA sized cell). I have seen a lot of these lights which... Read more

Developing the Solar Soil Sensor

Posted by Matthew Little on

My houseplants have been dying due to a mixture of over and under watering. So I thought something to help stop that would be good. And even better if it's solar powered. I've been working with a solar powered ATTiny85 for the Solar 8 Ball and Solar Dice kits and thought I could use the same basic circuit to implement... Read more

Workshop Environmental Monitoring Project

Posted by Matthew Little on

I have built an environmental monitoring unit for my workshop. This measures: Air Temperature, Humidity & Pressure PM2.5 and PM10 Particulate values Radiation levels It shows the data on a small OLED screen. There is a large LED RGB display which changes colour if data goes above warning levels. This unit sends data to AdafruitIO via MQTT messages. This is all... Read more