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Halloween Pumpkin Solar Lights

Posted by Matthew Little on

Add spooky solar powered effect to you carved pumpkin lantern!

If you order our Jam Jar Solar kit then, until Halloween, we will also provide four red LEDs which can be used to add a spooky glowing lights to your carved pumpkin.

This kit provides a solar powered light that automatically turns on at dusk to give a red glowing effect to light up the inside of a pumpkin lantern.

First remove the insides from your pumpkin (you can eat all types of pumpkin! I saved the seeds to roast and the insides to make soup). Cut the top off carefully.

Warning! Please have an adult to help you with carving!

Then carve your pumpkin as spooky as you dare! Mine is not so exciting - I'm sure you can do better.

Make up your Jam Jar Solar Kit, but do not use the white LEDs, instead solder in the four red LEDs provided.

Stick the solar panel to the top of the plastic PCB holder (normally this would stick to the jam jar lid). Check it works by covering up to solar panel - do the lights turn on? If not then leave it in the sun for a while and then check again. If not re-check your soldering and the battery alignment.

Cut a hole in the lid of the pumpkin big enough to take the PCB, but not bigger than the solar panel. I cut it small then expanded the hole until the solar light fitted.

Put the lid onto your carved pumpkin. Turn off the lights and see the eerie red glowing! It looks great at dusk.

Leave it outside or in a windowsill and it will charge during the day and glow at night.

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