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Solar Mirror Spinner

  • £2395

 Bring some solar powered kinetic art into your home!

This simple to build kit creates a solar powered ornament for your sunny windowsill or desk.

The four ‘arms’ are powered by a small motor and spin when the solar panels catch the sun. Each arm has a mirror to reflect any sun and produce patterns on your walls and ceilings.


We include two solar panels, so the unit will spin slowly even in lower light levels.

It was inspired by this 1957 "Solar Do-Nothing Machine" by the Eames brothers

This kit requires a crosshead screwdriver and some patience. It should take around 1 hour to build. No soldering required!

Instructions available here.

The github repository for the design files and instructions is available here:

This kit is NOT suitable for ages less than 8 years old due to the small parts.

This kit is only available in the UK due to the high shipping cost, but please feel free to laser cut your own!

Please note: This unit is directly solar powered & will not spin in low light levels, so try pointing more directly at the sunlight or waiting for a sunnier time.

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