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Controlled DC-DC Step-Up Converter

  • £999

Have you needed to power a small sensor with 12 or 24V but only had 3.3V or 5V available?

Maybe you need to really reduce your power consumption and running the sensor all the time will consume too much power?

Then this simple enable line controlled DC-DC step-up converter might be useful for you!

The step-up converter is an off-the-shelf DC-DC converter board using the MT3608. This can take an input voltage of 2-24V DC and supply an output voltage up to 28V DC. Up to 1A can be supplied, with peak of 2A.

While this converter is useful, what if you only want to check your sensor every 10 mins or hour?

Keeping the sensor powered up with a DC-DC converter will just waste energy, which might be in short supply from a battery-based system. So, we added a MOSFET based logic-controlled switch. You apply 3.3V - 5V to the control input and it will switch on the DC-DC converter. Your device can wake up, check your sensor, then go back to sleep and save lots of energy.

We have used this circuit for a weather monitoring station, powering irradiance and soil moisture sensors.

Parts supplied:

PCB Design and Instructions:

Design files and instructions can be found in the repository here:

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